Amsua Group's Profile

The Company was established in the year 1975. Amsua Group of Companies are an International Trading Group of Companies based in Hong Kong with Worldwide Branches. Amsua Group have their own Offices and Warehouses in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and the People's Republic of China. Since the beginning, Amsua's Business Strategy was to establish an enterprises which can fulfill the demand of Daily Consumer Products to their Valued Customers Globally.

Our steady growth, success and achievements are largely owed to our well guided, properly managed and highly skilled team of more than 90 peoples offering quality products at competitive prices with efficient services.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Import and Export business and being among major bulk buyers, we have an edge in procurement and its benefits pass directly to our Customers which reflected in our prices.

Besides our Global Exports, the group is also one of the leading players to become a "ONE STOP SHOP" under one roof as we offer more than 5000 products available ex-stock all the times. Moreover, the most salient feature is that our customers can buy from amongst these 5000 plus items without any condition of minimum quantities and have assorted items consolidated as per their requirements.

We are constantly assessing our markets and updating our product lines to meet changing needs. Upon recommendation of our knowledgeable sales team, many of our products were modified and technically improved time to time according to market trends & demand and in order to provide our customers a variety of new and quality products.

Amsua Trading Company Limited, Hong Kong
The Head office of Amsua Group was established in Hong Kong in 1975 with their own premises, showrooms displaying the range of products under different departments. Today, we are one of the major groups carrying stocks of an extensive range of products and for storage of such substantial stock of about USD 15 million in Hong Kong alone, we have our own warehouse of more than 135,000 sq.ft. area with a storage capacity of several hundred containers. Its managed by our team of professionals, we have our own trucks, trailers, containers etc. along with in-house packing facilities in order to ensure timely shipments and competitive prices. In addition to agencies nominated by our buyers, shipment inspections are also carried out by our own inspection teams.

Amsua Group (Shenzhen office), China
Our first China office operations began in 1994. Our presence in China was quite necessary in order to ensure better sourcing of quality products with the competitive prices as well as on-the-spot inspections by our teams as we are one of the largest exporters of sundries items from China.

Amsua Group (Guangzhou office), China
We have our own office as well as large Warehouse in Guangzhou where we keep ready stocks all the times. Our customers can select any items of their interest with no restrictions of minimum quantity. We have in-house packing facilities, Container loading facilities and skilled Inspection team to check the goods in order to provide the best services to our Customers.

Amsua (UK) Limited, United Kingdom
We started our U.K. operations in 1994 with our own office, showroom and warehouse building with an area of 40,000sq.ft. where we keep ready stocks of our products in order to arrange immediate deliveries to our Customers. We are highly equipped to cater the needs of our U.K. and other Europeans Customers.

Amsua General Trading, United Arab Emirates
In 1997 we expanded our business in United Arab Emirates, with the establishment of our showroom in Dubai and officies in Ajman. We have large warehouse facility in Ajman Free Zone with ready stocks, that premises is also owned by us. This branch was established for better access and to market our products in the Middle East, East and West African countries where we have a substantial client base.

Amsua (Pvt) Limited, Pakistan
In order to develop our product lines and compete in changing the market trends, our Pakistan office was set up with the aim of better sourcing, quality textiles and food products which are widely produced in Pakistan. Our own in-house teams conduct inspections of our shipments to make sure about the quality and punctuality and make inspection reports to the group's head office.